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Nailing the copy, design, and information included in your about page can build your credibility as a brand, offer an opportunity for you to tell your story, and provide customers with an idea of who you are, and why they should do business with your ecommerce company.

Beyond that, the goals of your about page should include:

  • Telling a story of your e-commerce company and why your company matters
  • Providing insight into the leadership of your company
  • Showing off your business model
  • Presenting any interesting stats
  • Using persuasive content to delve deeper into your story

When you put time and attention into your about page, you show customers that you’re honest, passionate, and excited about sharing your brand with the world.

This post will cover everything you need to know about how to create the perfect about page for your e-commerce website.

Include information about your mission and business model

You might touch on your value proposition on your home page, but your about page is the perfect place to go into detail about why your company matters. If your business model or mission is unique to e-commerce or something that makes you stand out in a crowd, talk about it.

Here are some things to consider addressing in an about page for your e-commerce business:

  • How do you source your materials? Are you eco-friendly? Do you have a low carbon footprint? Do you manufacture in the local area, and boost the economy? Do you avoid unethical manufacturing practices? People love to hear about how you operate, and not just why.
  • Do you support any charitable causes? If so, which ones? And, how does a purchase contribute to a good cause?
  • Did your business start in response to any world problems? For example, the shoe brand, TOMS, started in response to hardships faced by children without shoes. Blake Mycosis started a business, built giving back into the TOMS’ business model, and TOMS talks about it on their about page. It’s an excellent approach.
  • Do you cut out the middleman? What do you do to help customers save on their e-commerce purchases?
  • Are you fighting against big e-commerce monopolies in any way? Do you open the door for other companies to succeed?

These are all great bits of information to include in your e-commerce about page. They are the heart of your story and give your audience a reason to connect with you.