Amazon Web Services: 7 Facts You Need to Know


Amazon Web Services offers Computing storage, databases, analytics, connectivity, mobile, development tools, management software, IoT, security, and corporate applications. Playas You Go pricing is on-demand and accessible in seconds. 

Amazon Web Services

From data storage to deployment tools, directories, and content distribution, Amazon AWS offers over 200 services.

Customers in the corporate, start-up, small business, and public sector can now get the basic components they need to respond rapidly to changing business requirements.

7 Facts About AWS You Need to Know

Here are few facts about AWS You Need to Know

7 Facts About AWS You Need to Know
7 Facts About AWS You Need to Know
  • AWS Security

Any company’s most valuable asset is information. Companies create policies and processes based on information gathered previously. 

The loss of an organization’s data can be devastating to the business and beneficial to its competitors. Many businesses employ AWS technology because of the platform’s high level of data protection. 

AWS is constantly concerned and is working to build security solutions that will benefit the organizations involved.

  • AWS Growth 

Since its inception in 2006, AWS has experienced substantial growth. We currently serve hundreds of thousands of consumers in more than 190 countries. 

Many UK startups, such as Available, Spotify, Shazam, Zoopla, and Hagel, are beginning to use this infrastructure to run their operations, and most large corporations use AWS services as well.

  • AWS Clouding 

Building and operating an organization’s own infrastructure and software servers to handle its data is extremely complex.

Amazon Web Services provides cost-effective and dependable cloud computing services. The biggest feature about AWS is how inexpensive it is.

 Possibly the first cloud provider to provide prepaid services. You can pay the full amount based on how much you used.

  • Startup Favour 

It’s difficult to keep track of all the charges that startups spend on a monthly basis due to a lack of funds. 

As a result, AWS offers a pay-as-you-go option that might help you save money on data storage. Operating it does not necessitate a great deal of knowledge. It’s simple to use and requires only a basic understanding of computers.

  • Global Leader 

According to Gardener, when taken alongside 14 other service providers for a test called “The New Magic Quadrant for Clouds and Infrastructure as a Service,” it holds a leading position in the computer industry’s share of computing power. Is 10 times faster.

  • Easy Analytics 

Amazon Web Services assists businesses in translating and organising large amounts of data into accessible and measurable formats. 

Companies will no longer need to rely upon data scientists and will not have to pay exorbitant fees for them.

  • Flexibility 

When compared to other cloud service providers, AWS offers a lot more flexibility. 

AWS allows us to choose the operating system, computer language, database, and platform for our web application. We can select services based on our requirements.


You must employ modern and cost-effective cloud services to keep ahead of the competitors in today’s fast-paced technology industry. 

The finest low-cost cloud computing environment is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Very user-friendly and adaptable. It also has a 12-month free trial function that you may use for testing purposes.

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