Benefits of a retractable roof system in 2022

Retractable roof system When a  enclosure or skylight is added to a project, it may appear as if it’s going to be a huge undertaking. How can such a large “extra” make sense in this peculiar age of project cancellation or value engineering and forecasting just for necessary capital improvements?…

Adding retractable roof systems to projects has advantages beyond aesthetics, regardless of whether you’re beginning from scratch or remodeling an existing building.


Reduced life-cycle costs | retractable roof system

Maintaining an Open Aire building is cost-effective because of its aluminum truss construction and reduced need for artificial lighting, dehumidification and maybe air conditioning. Saving money now and in the future is a huge advantage. You end up with a facility that can be utilized more frequently in any climate and any time of year because of cheaper running expenses and improved flexibility in how you use and programmer your space. When it comes to seasonal events and long-term lease options, this is a win-win situation.


All-year-round ideal conditions of retractable roof system

Our retractable roof system and skylights mean you’ll never have to deal with poor weather again. Your interior room may be transformed into an outside space at a button. Opening and shutting your building while it’s raining or sweltering outside is a must-have feature. This implies that you may now provide year-round entertainment and programming for your customers and visitors. Guests or tenants can request a temperature-controlled area when they arrive.


Venues of all sizes and styles can benefit from our comprehensive service.

These retractable roof system and skylights are individually made to match your facility’s style, location, and audience requirements. If you’re looking for a modern and rustic location, Open Aire can help you bring your vision to life. Companies have installations in antique and modern buildings across the world. Companies work with you and your team to provide the solution you desire. With our expertise, we can help you transform your building.


Natural ventilation is a great way to save energy.

All energy codes mandate the use of less energy. It’s not possible in most traditional structures. Retractable buildings can, however, be transformed into “natural chimneys” when the roof and walls are opened. You may never be able to chill the area again, even if you have a heating system.

If the roof and walls can be opened, mechanical air cooling and dehumidification can be switched off or not installed at all. If you open the roof on a warm sunny day. There’s no need to chill the area now that it’s been transformed into a natural one.


Making the most of space and profit

By enclosing an area formerly outdoors, such as a rooftop terrace, you may naturally increase the room you need. Just by making a hole in the roof and installing a skylight, a formerly dark area may be transformed into one filled with natural light and fresh air.


Conserve energy while enjoying a location that can be used indoors and out.

If you want to save money on your facility’s energy costs, try introducing a distinctive feature. Constructing a room with a retractable roof is essential so that the HVAC systems may be shut off while the door or window is open. You may reduce some of your operating expenditures by creating a structure that costs less to maintain.

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