I hate computer science

Why I’m Not A Fan Of Computer Science

I hate computer science: As the world continues to move more and more towards the digital age, it becomes increasingly difficult for those who don’t have a passion for computer science to keep up I hate computer science. With an influx of people moving into this field, questions often arise from those struggling or already regretting their decision. This blog post will explore why I’m not a fan of computer science, drawing on personal experiences as well as insights gathered from online discussion forums. Finally, we’ll draw some conclusions about how people should approach their choice of major in this rapidly growing area of study.

I Hate Computer Science Reddit

Computer science is often considered one of the “cool” fields to go into, but I’m not a fan because I hate computer science. The r/ I hate computer science subreddit paints a vivid picture of why it’s not as great as people think. The forum hosts a variety of topics, from gripes about bad coding practices to experiences in academia that drove people away from the field. Additionally, many posts express concern about the lack of creativity or job security in the profession. With such negative experiences and attitudes surrounding computer science, it’s easy to see why I’m not an enthusiast for this field.

I Don ‘T Want To Do Computer Science Anymore

I used to be excited about studying computer science and the exciting possibilities that it held. But I’ve realized that I’m just not passionate about it anymore.  As much as I enjoyed computer science at first, my enthusiasm has slowly faded away and now all I feel is a sense of boredom whenever I have to do anything related to coding or computers in general. That’s why I’ve decided that computer science is no longer for me, and if this blog post can help anyone else reach the same conclusion then it was worth writing.

Why I Quit Computer Science

I quit my computer science degree because the day-to-day curriculum was becoming a chore. I lacked the enthusiasm and passion needed to thrive in a subject that I had previously enjoyed. Despite enjoying programming challenges, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge that was required in order to keep up with modern methods and technologies. The constant pressure to stay up to date also drained me of motivation to continue. Ultimately, this led me to pursue other interests.

Computer Science Is Not For Everyone Reddit

I’m not a fan of computer science for several reasons. For starters, it’s not for everyone – a lot of people just don’t have the technical skills or interest that is required to be successful in computer science. Furthermore, the field can often be dauntingly complex and fast-paced. You need to stay on top of the latest developments in technology and programming languages, which can be difficult if you’re not well-versed in the subject matter. Finally, there’s an immense amount of competition in the industry which can make it hard to find rewarding job opportunities.

Is Computer Science Overrated Reddit

Computer science, while a valuable addition to the educational landscape and a great career field for many people, is definitely overrated. According to Reddit users, computer science can often lead to “unrealistic expectations” and a presence of elitism among its practitioners. Computer science’s importance in the modern world cannot be denied — it is used in almost every industry — but there are other fields which should not be overlooked when making decisions about career paths and college majors. Those who find themselves drawn towards computer science should consider its pros and cons before making any final decisions.

Struggling Computer Science Student

As a struggling computer science student, I have often found myself growing increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed with the amount of work that is expected of me. The curriculum puts an emphasis on theory and requires me to learn complicated concepts that are difficult to understand. There are long coding assignments and frequent tests which can be intimidating even for experienced students. Despite putting in countless hours and devoting my efforts to doing well, I find myself constantly frustrated and disappointed at my lack of progress due to the steep learning curve. This has made me less of a fan of computer science than I had hoped I would be.

Should I Give Up On Computer Science

For many, giving up on computer science may seem like the best option if they are struggling to understand it. However, I have found that pushing through and working hard can unlock a great deal of potential even when seemingly nothing makes sense. Computer Science isn’t easy by any means, but the reward of mastering complex concepts is well worth all the effort in the end. With a bit of dedication and determination, success in this field is very achievable.

Computer Science Anxiety

Computer science anxiety is a fear that many have of this field of study. It can occur when someone feels overwhelmed by the complexity and vastness of the topics related to computer science, such as coding, algorithms, software design and development. This feeling sometimes leads people to avoid such areas altogether or feel discouraged from seeking help when they need it most. Unfortunately, this reluctance only serves to reinforce the notion that computer science is too hard or too intimidating to be successful in it. This can keep aspiring students away from a rewarding and exciting career path.

Should I Study Computer Science If I Hate It?

Although computer science is an incredibly popular and in-demand field, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t enjoy computer science or have no interest in it, then pursuing a degree in it would be a disservice to yourself. You should focus on where your passion lies and study what makes you happy, as that will lead to a more fulfilling career path. Studying something solely because it is popular is the wrong approach — if you hate computer science, there are plenty of other options out there for you to explore.

Do People Regret Majoring In Computer Science?

I’m not a fan of computer science because I feel that it can be hard for people to stay motivated and find meaningful jobs.  Additionally, an increasingly competitive job market can make it harder for those with computer science degrees to stand out among the competition. For these reasons, I would advise caution when considering a major in this field.

Is It Normal To Hate Programming?

Programming can be a difficult task, and it’s understandable to not like it. Programming requires attention to detail, problem solving skills, and patience. Unfortunately, these are often not qualities that come easily to many people. Because of this, even if someone wants to learn the skill of programming, they may ultimately decide it’s too difficult for them to learn. Therefore, hating programming is normal for some people who don’t have the natural aptitude or desire to engage in it.

What Do You Hate About Computer Science?

Computer science can be a tedious and frustrating field. Many people find the technical aspects of coding and programming to be tedious, as it can require meticulous attention to detail and lots of reworking when code does not run correctly. Additionally, there is often a steep learning curve for those who are new to the field, making it difficult for someone who is just starting out. Finally, computer science requires frequent updates in order to stay up-to-date with trends in technology, which can be a challenge. All these reasons together make me realize why I’m personally not a fan of computer science.


In conclusion, I think computer science is an important field that offers many exciting opportunities for the tech-minded, but it’s simply not a good fit for me. Although I’m interested in technology and have some technical knowledge, the academic side of computer science doesn’t appeal to me. Since I know my own strengths and weaknesses, I’m sure that focusing on other areas makes more sense for me in the long run.

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