Things to keep in mind if your wedding is happening in a Church

The western weddings are appreciated often for their simplicity and elegance. But there are more rules and etiquettes involved than what meets the eye. Especially if you are orthodox, or catholic, there are several additional rituals and etiquettes guides to remember. These apply to the guests, bridesmaids and everyone else including the bride and groom. From seating arrangement, dress code to the ceremony itself- there are several rules and regulations you must keep in mind. Read on to know all about the things to keep in mind when having a wedding at a church.

Eligibility to get married in a church

There are several rules of being eligible to marry at the church. Especially if you choose an orthodox church, these rules are stringent. Here are few of the eligibility criteria that specifically applies to orthodox church:

  • Both must be baptised in the name of Holy Trinity and at least one have to be Orthodox Christian.
  • You cannot be currently married to another. If you are divorced, you must first receive a blessing from the bishop recognizing divorce and allowing remarriage. If you are widowed, the diseased partner’s death certificate must be produced.

Date of the wedding

Several days are considered unsuitable for marriage by the church. Hence, you have to choose the date keeping that in mind. The church cannot officiate a marriage on fasting days. These are marked in red on the calendar. Furthermore, it cannot conduct a marriage on Wednesday and Friday. Also, any evening before the twelve major feasts must be ruled out too.

Etiquettes of the church

The etiquettes have to be observed by the guests as well as the bride and groom and their family. There are ushers at churches who provide directions for the guests. If you are unsure about the rules, follow the directions they provide. Mind the seating arrangements and be punctual. Most importantly, do not wear white on that day. avoid any colour that belongs to the white-family. Also, be mindful about taking pictures and videos. It is always considerate to ask the bride and groom’s permission before you share any of these pictures online. Do not start clicking picture with flash in the middle of the ceremony either. It is considered very rude and borderline offensive and attention-seeking.

Wedding ring and accessories

The church is very stringent about the wedding ritual accessories. This include the wedding rings. Women’s emerald wedding rings are the most elegant choice suitable for a traditional wedding. Apart from the ring, especially at orthodox weddings, you will also need a shared cup or chalice, the crowns and two white candles.

Betrothal and marriage 

This entirely depends on the faith you believe in. According to orthodox church, betrothal and marriage must happen on the same day. however, Catholics and Protestant churches are not as rigid. Here the betrothal can happen earlier and the marriage later.

Irrespective of the venue, weddings can get stressful. From minding the etiquettes and rituals, to planning nitty-gritties like contacting London jewellers for your engagement rings and getting the wedding gown ready- there are many things to do. But if you are marrying at the church, the etiquettes are vital. The above-mentioned guide should help you manage the day without much hassle.

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