4 Types Of Anime figures from The Anime Universe

Because of this, the reasons for collecting Anime Figures are just as varied as the characters themselves. For many, it’s a way to fill your home or office with their favourite characters from movies, television, and video games. Others consider it a challenge to amass a collection that can stand up to the best. 

In Australia, sugotoys seem essential because they represent our genuine love for manga, anime, and other items. For those new to the world of otaku, the figurines of anime characters become curious, and many questions arise: How are they made? Where can I get anime figures? Is there a particular type of anime figure that you would recommend? This post aims to shed light on some lingering mysteries surrounding anime statuettes while also providing an overview of the wide range of options available. 


What are Anime figurines? 

To put it another way, a figure seems to be a three-dimensional representation of a real or imagined person or thing. Many companies produce figurines in various styles based on popular characters from television shows, anime, and even their toy lines. Continue reading to get a better grasp on what anime figures are. 

Ancient sculptures’ materials and artistic styles differ vastly from those used today. Figures made of plastic or resin are more common today than those made of clay, bone, and wood in the past. 

There is a wide range of styles or categories among modern figures. Popular Western characters such as He-Man Masters of a Universe and military figures in use by strategists can be found in this collection, as well as religious artefacts, plane models and scientific models. Sugo toys, however, are the subject of our discussion today. 

There are various anime figure types, each with a different price and feature set. Anime and video game figure collectors who are new to the hobby will benefit from reading this post. 


                                    Anime Figures of Merit 

Anime Figures of Merit 

Prize Anime figurines are typically more miniature, at 140mm or less. They are typically made of a single piece of plastic, though the clothing can be separated. Prize figures are often rewarded in Japan because they are of lower quality in painting and sculpting. It’s important to remember that they do not scale models. 


Anime Figures to Scale 

An anime scale figure is a fixed-pose model based on the “real” dimensions of the animated character. There will be a size reference on these proportional figurines, like 1/6th or 1/2th. In other words, the figure’s measurements have been reduced to a sixth or half of the character’s actual size. A 1/10th scale figure, for example, would be 20cm tall if an anime personality was presumed to be 2m tall. 


Anime Figures Figma 

Max Factory’s Figmas are typically lighter and smaller PVC figures. Figma’s main selling point is its ability to be posed in various ways. With the included translucent brace, they can be used in action poses. They have many joints, making them look weird up close, but they’re necessary for placing the figures in their proper locations. The figure’s torso should not be separated from its legs, arms, or head, as this is nearly impossible to do in most cases. There are a lot of tiny pieces or small baggies to store them in with the Figmas. Alternate hands, faces, or other accessories can almost certainly be found to match the character. A sword is sure to be included as just an accessory if the main character is seen wielding one. 


Anime Figures Nendoroid 

The Good Smile Company’s Nendoroids are small PVC figurines with a cute Esque design. With the translucent base, they often are designed in cute or amusing positions. Nendoroids have just a few joints that aren’t too noticeable but typically smaller than 100mm. The figure’s torso should not be separated from its legs, arms, or head, as this is nearly impossible to do in most cases.

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