Portal Technology

Portal Technology allow travel between two different destinations. Usually, these places exist in the same universe. The only group that has been known to produce the prestigious Intergalactic Portal Technology Rook and Galactic Federation editions (Intergalactic Customs in “Pilot”).

Some organizations and individuals are aware of the existence of international teleportation, but it is unclear whether they have the necessary understanding or not to use them (e.g., Time Court, Morty Smith (304-X)). And gaseous creatures of “Fart.” Dimension).

Created Portal Rating

Portal Technology
Portal Technology

Interspatial Portals: The ones that look blue (“Pilot” and “The Rickshank Rickdemption”) allow teleportation between two fixed points within the original universe. It is estimated that the blue portals that work properly have no significant time difference (enabling almost instantaneous transport) when used.

It is possible that they used a combination of wormholes and time crystals on relatively remote dynamic dynamic battlefields to accomplish this task.

Interstellar portal technology may be a common finding among semi-advanced civilizations.

Natural Portal Rating

There are naturally occurring wormhole holes as seen in the “Morty Night Run” this type is capable of passing through gas compounds, and it is by coincidence that the transport of “frost” species is a common form of transport. Is the way.

Also shown during the title sequence in the “Mort Dinner Rock Andrea” are the large unstable wormholes that go to a reality Nexus or basically some kind of housing large reality crystal and a tent creature that eats the facts. To keep them in check, the portal. It will cut whatever is in the middle of the disaster.

 If you give Furp Rock a try, you are automatically reverted to your previous universe using an unknown mechanism.

Portal Technology
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Irregular rating

Time-stable gateway: a semi-transparent layer of blue (from the observer’s perspective) and an orange expression appear as “door frames”, sandwiched with a short cosmic buffer in between. This type of portal enables space time to pass between two fixed points. It is unclear whether two things exist in the same universe, or completely different dimensions.

The civilization on the other side of the door (left behind by Moretti’s carelessness as a result of the reverse engineering rack technology) was finally able to open the gateway from his world into the garage, though with less elegant solutions to open the portal. Link, and to reverse the effects of aging. He used the opportunity to punish Moretti for sending the traveler, whom he believed was a existential threat, to put society at risk.

Portal Technology

In “The Riccuren Morty Island”, the US government uses portal technology, which Rex describes as “ghetto-as”, “off-brand”, and “disaster-tripling”. During the events of the “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion” event, it appears that the government has probably not yet installed one on Mars, as they may have used Naruto Smith in an attempt to secretly teleport to Summer. In an effort to get more weapons faster.

Portal Technology
Space station, blue yellow neon glowing light, blank horizontal rectangular frame. Copy space. 3d illustration

Other types of ports have traditionally existed, though most of these deprecated variants are actually unusual or unusual. such as the Portal to Hell in the “Amortican Griffith” that preceded Jerry’s visit to Fantasma Billiards Bar. Was used by the devils. Abducted. Another variation involves the “magic” portals thrown by the dragon’s sorcerers. where immediately Rick expresses his aptitude for writing or symbols around the opening.  To access a string of specific memories. Avoid their upcoming brain death.


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